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We are a certified Matterport Service Provider who specializes in 3D Virtual Reality imaging services and photography. We are life-long marketers who can also help you add VR to your marketing mix! Check us out or contact us for more information today.

About Our Team

For me there is no better profession – I love what I do! Having been a Realtor for nearly 20 years and being able to tie that in, along with my serious photography addiction, is what I call a pretty perfect world. 

Erin Kenneally
Photo by Jesse Cowell
Our General Manager
A former Realtor, marketing executive, artist & photographer Erin is the entrepreneurial spirit behind Cold River Graphics 3D.
Field Imager
Mariah is a recent college grad who has a great work ethic and a good eye for design. She has joined our staff of field photographers to help us keep up with demand.
A.k.a. "McGyver"
Bill is our go-to guy for just about anything. Among other things, he is a pilot and when in the area takes our aerial photography
Val our master strategist, jumps in to help clients get maximum impact from their VR and digital storytelling tools. Her focus is on your growth strategy.
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We are proud members of the Mt. Washington Chamber of Commerce, visit them here or in North Conway, NH sometime!

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